Friday, January 23, 2009

OK, so I am really retarded when it comes to this blogging stuff. I had everything layed out really nice and it told a good story and below is the outcome. I am just attaching pictures now and you can guess where they go with the comments below. I need to take a class!

And now it won't let me add pictures...I'll figure this thing out. We'll probably get the house done before then and you will all have seen it in person, but bare with me! Any advice...maybe I can work into our budget someone to come and blog the progress of this remodel!

All the begging paid off!!!

So here they are the highly anticipated remodeling pictures. I am so excited to share these because it means big things….they are:
1. It means I am getting a new kitchen, dining room and living room!
2. I finally have something to blog about!

So while Darin is in the kitchen ripping out walls, I am in my computer room blogging and I couldn’t be happier! (Maybe if I had a donut I would be a little happier!)
Enjoy the pictures and comments.

Let the games begin!!!

What is that a door behind the wall? Stay tuned!!!

What’s behind door Number 1?
It’s Darin!!!
And yes, it is a door behind the wall!

Knocking the wall out between the living room and
Dining room is one of the highlights! Those are dust
particles in air….I now have a cough that I can’t get rid of. It’s still worth it!

After the dust settled and our new view.

After 2 days of ripping out walls and floors, this is what we had to show for it!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

FACT: We have friends!

So we did the Office Jell-O thing for fun and we have reeped the rewards! Today we got a bag on our porch that had rootbeer, ice cream and popcorn in it. Here are the pics. Thanks, Sarah! Oh, and thanks to Gayla for the Dundie!

Darin didn't waste any time making his rootbeer float!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Always a good time!

One weekend Darin thought that it would be fun to go camping. We invited Grandma and Pops to come along, so Pops went up early saved us a spot and we had a great time!
Here's Darin playing in the fire like any good boy scout (if he could just get it started!):

Here's Grandma Dough-nee making some delicious peach cobbler:

Nice cards Darin! We finally got Pops to play a game with us...of course it was Spades...his favorite game and the only one he will play!

Who brought the cukes?

We came home from something one night...I can't remember...and this is what we found on our porch..
You know you have been accepted into the neighborhood when people think that you like them enough that you won't get mad and still be their friend when they leave their produce on your doorstep. It's been 4 years, but we finally made it!

Best 5K ever!

Our Stake had a 5K run/walk/hobble last month (I know that I am behind on my blogging). We encouraged the YW to do it. We got one YM to come! Anyway, Sarah (my 2nd counselor) and I were in the race. She carried her little 2 month old and I pulled her two little boys in the wagon. We had a great time, as we always do! Sarah's little boy, Emery, and I are best buds and at church the next day, Sarah said the boys had made me a present. They made a little fruit bouquet and it was delicious! Sarah is so thoughtful and I am so grateful to have her family as my friends! It was too cute to not share with everyone (at least the picture anyway!).

I'd like to first thank...

So Darin and I LOVE the Office. It’s a rare occasion that it does not get quoted in our daily conversations. So this week for our family home evening activity we made friendly reminders that the season premiere is on Thursday. How do you make a statement in the Office? You put it in Jell-o…and that’s just what we did!

We made little notes that had the date, time and station that the show would be on. We let them sit overnight and had a good old fashion run at doorbell ditching!

We laughed and laughed because as Darin put it, “this is what you do when you don’t have kids…dumb stuff like this!”

We made a total of 5 presents. As far as I know, nobody got mad or punched the wall. Nobody had to go to “management training” – aka anger management! Tonight Darin was leaving to go and play ball and this is what was on our porch:

Yes folks, it’s a Dundie! We have arrived! For this I would like to thank my husband for the good sport that he is and that we can do funny things like this together. To my neighbors for giving us this Dundie. For the TV show that gives us such inspiration. For laughter and funny things like Jell-O and trophies! This is so great…so don’t forget…Thursday, 8:00, know where I will be!